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It’s funny how things can trigger you so easily. I’ve been good for a while and all of sudden I break down. I didn’t think I had a problem. I don’t have an eating disorder, but its possible but I highly doubt it. That’s not my main concern anyway. Two weeks ago I had trouble breathing. Taking deep breaths and monitoring my breathing was really hard on me. This week my breathing is normal. I have no idea what brought that on in the first place. I’m not terribly overweight..or maybe I am. Idk anymore. I can’t look up thinspo..I didn’t know that was a problem either. I thought it helped me, I thought it inspired me to keep going..but maybe it brought me down. I couldn’t tell. Either way fitspiration is the way to go now. Since thats ok? Not sure if that’s any better. I guess it’s more positive, but it’s still comparing yourself to other people. Not trying to make anyone angry I truly don’t know. I love all my followers. Please feel free to talk to me. It gets lonely sometimes and I hate it. Thanks guys.